The Aspire Gateway platform provides integrated, analytics, funding management and Borrower Base reporting tools to Banks in a wide range of lending markets.

Data, Analytics and Insights

  • Easy access to structured and standardized Originator data, through Aspire Gateway Data Partnerships.
  • High-powered Analytics including Origination profile, delinquency, pre-payments and charge-offs, across Originators, verticals and asset-classes.
  • Forecast portfolio run-offs, including the tools for stress and scenario analysis through our cash-flow engine.
  • Create and test benchmarks through Gateway’s Virtual Portfolio feature.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • On-going monitoring and Analytics of each funding Agreement, as well as the aggregate portfolio
  • Set alerts to target thresholds within a funding Agreement, or across the portfolio.
  • Create specialized reports, with greater levels of detail and visibility, and less latency vs. traditional lending reporting structures.
  • Manage Borrower Base calculations and reporting for leverage facilities.

Flexible Warehouse Workflow tools

  • Use the Aspire Gateway’s unique Manage Funding tools to manage warehouse workflow between multiple Originators. We provide full integration of funding process between Originator and Loan Funders, based on loan eligibility criteria defined in the Credit Facility Agreement.
  • Filter loans that meet eligibility criteria, and are available for funding
  • Set alerts related to concentration and performance thresholds for each facility